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List your project along with the domain-name needed and let an investor lead a “domain-name round” by buying you the domain in return of a certain stake & hence validating your idea.

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Browse through the list of projects & buy a domain for the one you think has some potential to grow big. Get certain stake of the company in return & become a “domain-name round” investor.

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What founders & investors
say about us?

I proposed's concept to Shashank & he agreed to buy me the domain-name in return of 1% stake. This is why I made this website, in order to help first-time founders or indie hackers get their first-ever round of funding in the form of domain-name for their project(s).

- Hammad Nasir (


Frequently asked questions

How much stake does an investor gets?

It's totally up to the founder to decide on how much stake he or she wishes to give away to the investor. They both can discuss on it before a deal is done!

Who owns the domain-name?

As the investor buys it he or she owns it but the ownership can be transferred once the deal is done. Here's how:

What if a founder or an investor back-out after the deal?

In order to prevent this we've provided founder's LinkedIn along with each listing so that the investor can do the due diligence before investing. The founders should also do their part.

Who handles the legal part?

For now, only provides a platform for founders & investors to meet each other. The legal part should be handled by both the parties on their side respectively.

What if someone buy my required domain-name & lists it for sale at a higher price?

Required domain-name is hidden by default. An investor who's interested in buying you the domain-name would've to reach you via email for further procedure.

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